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Very few artists are inspired to the point of creating a new musical genre. Ana Rita Simonka is that kind of artist. Her music hallows the ancient and sacred traditions of the immense diversity of Brazilian sounds bringing them to modern and revealing the innermost essence of rhythms and chants as spontaneous mantras gestated by one of the most vibrant and joyfull culture over the world.

Yoguini, songwriter and dancer, she is known for her visionary sensitivity to recreate Brazilian music into an world music that evokes the athmosphere of all ancestral music directly inspired by the realms of spirituality. Breaking the boundaries between sacred and profane her sound dives into a profound experience that weaves the listeners into a timeless journey, altered states of consciousness, own healing and profound love and humanity.

Her voice and guitar are much more than the classical Bossa Nova performance, going far from beyond of charm and sofisticated harmonies, inviting the listeners to an intimate and rare connection with within. She opens minds and hearts to get into the “maravilhamento”, that means to guide the audience into the deep transforming trance of devotional popular dances of Brazillian chants of Congadas, Batuques e Sambas.

She master the secrets of self-releasing and shares the Brazilian vibrant soul that is well-known worldwide as a powerful key to overcome sadness and to awake love. Her music is an enchanting surprise and so innovative that hardly can be defined; it´s an hypnotic new age vibration transmuted by Brazilian drums, colors, carnivals and joy. Her voice carries the message of Brazilian mysteries that haunting everyone, transcending the ordinary relationship of men and nature and diving into a veiled landscape where all are invited to talk to the spirits.  

She defines herself as an alchemist in search of new languages to reach the most profound realms of soul.

Proficient in many instruments, Ana Rita Simonka plays Guitar, Brazilian Viola, Indian Tampura, World Percussion, Keyboard and Synths, and like an artisan she attends to all levels that compose her art, giving it strenght and an organic fluidity. Her music combines meditative moods and dancing trances in a contemporary language that shows her profound knowledge on both Western and Eastern traditions. Her mystical poetry can be addorned by Indian Ragas or Sufi Maqans; she merges Ayauasca Hymns from Amazon with Mantras, and Gregorian Chants with Bossa-Nova and Afro-Brazilian chants with New Age Synths...Her arrangements are brilliant fusions that you have never heard before: Tibetan Bowls with Afro-Latin Percussion; Persian Santur with Cavaquinho, Nay Flute with Bombo Leguero, Andean flutes with Indian Sitar, Capoeira with Tablas and Derbaques. 

Her first Album “Bossa Nova Delhi” was worldwide acclaimed by the special compilation “Gardens of Eden” from Putumayo-USA followed by many other independent Albums such as Mantra 1, Mantra 2, Samba Sadashiva, Labirinto, Om Line, Yoga Class – 5 Minute Tracks colection with Earth – Water – Fire – Air, and many international compilations such as Budha Lounga CD and DVD, Saara Lounge, Caras Zen. She has been leading workshops in the most significant Yoga Teacher Training programs, retreats and seminars, and her music is highlighted in TV Shows, Series and Soap Operas.

Ana Rita Simonka grew up surrounded by music and dance and since childhood has been involved in the arts: her father is a renowned traditional popular dancer and teacher, "Velho Pietro", under whose inspiration she studied music with great Brazilian names like Maestro Benedito Costa, Papete, Trio Mocotó, Carioca, among others. For several years she worked teaching and performing Latin Dances with her father, and all these experiences make her music eclectic and espontaneous. From her mother´s land, Minas Gerais, she captures the MPB with jazz influences such as Milton Nascimento, besides the Drums and the Christian Chanting echoing the origins of Brazilian identity formed in colonial times by the thought-provoking meeting of Portuguese, Afro and Native people.

She has a Master Degree in Sociology of Music by the most importante University in Brazil (Universidade de São Paulo). She has also a Master Degree in Yoga / FMU (Kayvalyadhama – India) and attended in many trainings and workshops in yoga, sufi, meditation and arts in India, Europe and USA. She is the first one in Brazil to create many courses to teach sound and dance meditation in Yoga Teacher Training Programs. In order to share her knowledge she created the visionary Yoga Virtual Studio featuring presencial courses, workshops, on-line programs of meditation and virtual retreats as self-transformations tools.

Ana Rita Simonka is living in Portugal walking another stage in he life as researcher, traveler and seeker.