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rapture, bliss, ecstasy, shamanic music !!!



Dança do Fogo, Dança da Terra, Dança das Nuvens e Dança dos Ventos (Fire, Earth, Cloud and Wind Dances) are themes that invite you to dive into the shamanic ecstasy, inspiring an introspective atmosphere along with dancing pulses, elevating the soul to an intimate connection with the life forces. Created for practices of spiritual ecstasy and healing meditations, each theme brings a fusion of styles bringing together Afro-Brazilian roots with Indian, Celtic and Sufi traditions. Ana Rita Simonka plays percussion e synths and adorns each theme with her subtle voice to empower the conciousness awakening.

What´s to Come?

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I am currently working on the finalization of three new Albums and DVDs: “Samba Sadashiva”, “Labyrinth” and “Om Line”, the last one I started recording in 2005 dedicating to it more than ten years of research. The "Yoga Class 5 Minutes Music/ Earth, Water,Fire, Air" is ready to launch. Producers, managers and musician who could be interested in these new projects may request the private access link; I am looking forward for your message”.