Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist

Ana Rita Simonka features a surprising repertory weaving her original songs with traditional spiritual music to incorporat the force and the ecstasy from diverse styles such as mantra, kirtan, qawalli, christian chants or indigenous prayers. All these influences define a very personal voice that always offers a brand new version of each song to evoque an ecstatic, almost devotional mood. Her melodies stems from traditional folk music from Minas Gerais to blend with modal atmospheres that she brings from Indian Raga, Arabian Maqam, Gregorian Chants or Shamanic sounds, open to all kind of sonorities that she feels are suitable to create an hypnotic and cozzy atmosphere to give life to the visionary message of her lyrics. Proficient in many instruments, Ana Rita Simonka plays Acoustic Guitar, Brazilian Viola, Indian Tampura, World Percussion and Synths, leading all levels of musical production and reaching an incredible and organic fluidity in her music. With an obsessive seeking of new sounds she blends instruments that you've never heard before such as Tibetan Bowls with Afro-Latin Percussion; Persian Santur with Ukulele, Ney Flute with Bombo Leguero, Zamponas with Indian Sitar, Berimbau with Snujs, Tablas with Brazilian Viola, Derbaques with Djembê amongst many other surprises. The worldwide famous "Brazilian Bossa Nova´s voice and guitar" reaches a new level with Ana Rita Simonka who plays and exotic blend of Sambas, Bossas, Maracatus, Cirandas, Forrós e Milongas with an unexpected influence of Eastern overtones that evoques Sitar, Sarod and Oud. A deep artisan work is needed to set the harmonies suitable to all these languages and she uses to take many weeks to transform an Eastern scale into a Bossa Nova sequence of chords, but the result is certainly a breathtaking fusion.

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