Music to feed the soul

More than searching for new languages in a merely aestetical concernig, her music stems from deep intuitive sensations and meditative states, revealing the innermost space where the sound exists as a pure source of power and awakening. Like a medicine-woman, she evoques from this hermetic field her innovative fusions of scales and rhythms to create a glimpse of music as an universal and cosmic entity. Breaking all the cultural boundaries to create her music, she leads a journey through the veil of material appearances in a subtle path to connect people directly with their own source of life and understanding. As a certified music therapist, she conducts her performances like a healing practice, inspiring people to explore their inner sense of joy, vibrancy and liberation, sharing what she claims as being the very essence of the Brazilian culture: a syncretic heritage, a time-tested miscigenation that joined the most unlike races to manifest an absolutely seductive and unparalel new world, and from where emerged a people to whon life is unconceivable if you donĀ“t bring dancing, singing and playing as a lifestyle

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