Ana Rita Simonka and a new world music genre.

Few artists are so inspired to the point of creating a new genre: the Brazilian-born singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ana Rita Simonka is one of these artists hard to label. Her debut Album “Bossa Nova Delhi” (2000) - an exotic fusion between Brazilian MPB with Classical Indian Music - has been acclaimed worldwide: the track “Mais Filhos de Gandhi” was selected to the Putumayo-USA's special compilation “Gardens of Eden”. Being global without leaving her strong cultural roots that lies on the Brazilian Jazz from Minas Gerais, she has been working to combine Brazilian roots with many different musical languages such as Middle-Eastern, Medieval European, Flamenco, Shamanic, Afro-Latin and indigenous amongst others. She launched dozens of original Albums and long-hour meditation singles highlighting the most recent series “Yoga Music Brasil” and having as partners the most relevant labels in Brazil such as MCD, AzulMusic, LuaMusic and Tratore - and also having her music on TV shows, soap operas and well-being programs. Ana Rita Simonka has been singing, teaching and performing in the most relevant holistic events in Brasil for the last twenty five years; currently she lives in Portugal where she breaths the air of her Portuguese heritage and dives into her Iberic origins to discover new possibilities to inspire her life and her art.

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