Ana Rita Simonka



(The Workshop has music specially created by Ana Rita Simonka!)

Brazilian Meditative Dance: a path to meditation

Brazilian Yoga is a dynamic way of contemporary meditation technique, an innovative practice deeply inspired by Brazilian essence: the soul of indigenous rituals, popular festivals, parades and ballroom parties magically involving much more than simply entertainment. It´s a very sensitive understanding about the way such as Brazilian people take dances as the core of their expression, and how easily they travel into other influences seeking out to bring up the best of life. Rooted in our culture, but not restricted by any specific genre or style, our practice means delineate the hidden language behind the “Brazilian joyfulness”, codifying its spontaneous gestures, movements, social interaction and ideas into a repertoire of practices to teach the wisdow behind these time-tested traditions.

Everybody that join a Brazilian traditional dance, following religious or profane parades, has an unique experience, and realize the intense therapeutic effects of this open heart trances. Instincts, intuitions, perceptions and memories, are recicled and creatively revealed by the immersion into the festive crowd. There is a secret beyond the aparent simplicity of these festivities that rellies on a very complex set of gestures and attitudes both physical and conceptual: a subtle body language that silent communicates a special way to overcome the individual ego through the sensitivity of the group. 

“Folia”, “maravilhamento”, are Brazilian words to describe this particular overflow of joy and celebration of life. They carry the meaning of an inner transformation that transcends the parade itself: touching transpessoal memories and impersonal faces. These celebrations unleash our bodies to another level of energy, they release the boundaries of the ego to explore new experiences that consecrated Brazilian people as an inspiration of overcoming anxiety and troubles converting them into art.


Revealing the hidden language behind the “Brazilian joyfulness”, Brazilian Meditative Dance is a very perfect system that delineates paths to overcome the mind taking ordinary activities to meditate: as well as the Zen practices take ordinary gestures to meditate - such as drinking tea, walking and eating - the immersion in this spiritual Carnaval leads us to a new vision on how to transform everyday habits such as local dances into a high level alchemical performance.


The classes: initiate into the festival.

The journey goes through various regions of Brazil and South America bringing many elements from their different dances and festivities. The classes and workshops work on the concepts of: connection with instinctive wisdom, conscious observation of the triad sound-body-mind, the subtle opening of the "musical body", the dissolution of the individual into the collective, the expression of the inner rhythm, and the silent language of communication through the art of physical commands to join couples and groups.

The workshop routine leads to dive into complex rhythms and dances such as samba, salsas, tangos, maracatus, maxixes, tabaques, carnaval, afro-religious and native. A very precise method reveals the subtle power of each one to explore particular states of mind, body and energy. Highlighting the sensibility to physical and emotional relationships, the work break divisions and improve the body-mind consciousness and the expression of strong feelings.

Dancing, playing, holding hands, sharing hugs, and performing silent commands between ladies and gents, individual and groups, everybody learns a new way to release tension and lethargy. The essence of sharing ecstasy is achieved in a deep space within, and all participants will certainly have a precious transformative experience.


The program:

1_ “Wake up the Earth”.

Follow the Brazilian Indians gathering dancing the ritual “wake up the Earth”. By dancing to this ancestral celebration, participants learn ways of reconnecting with nature and open to the importance of gestures in a cosmic dimension. Indigenous dances and songs, and afro-brazilian rituals leads to consagrate the Earth, to perceive the sounds of nature, to know the language of the forest and its entities. In this phase, the participants learn how to connect high levels of attention and sensibility unleashing instinctive movements and breath.

2_Opening the “musical body”.

In this phase, the participants are introduced to the “school of samba routine”. Going beyond learn steps of samba, in this practice we take the pulses and subdivisions of this rhythm to open the “musical body”, in a deep journey into the instinctive relationship between movement, music and energy. The interaction flows from the individual heart to the group in a high level ecstasy of sharing. The parade is complete: the unit is reached, the ego is dissolved.

3_The silente art of command

The exquisite routine called “ballroom meditation” makes use of traditional rhythms of both couple and group dances to initiate the participants in the secret language of interaction and self-expression. Diving into subtle, sophisticated gestures and symbols, this phase reorganize the silent aspects of communication using the body, the emotions and sensations. Learning the traditional code underlying ballroom dances, one reaches the art of control and self-expression through enchanting exercises such as: breathing toghether, the art of silent direction, conquering the space, intuitive communion, danceman mindfulness, and much more.