Ana Rita Simonka


Feeding the soul, music is an energy that nourishes the inner self, opening our hearts to a new revolution that we so much want to see. For a long time, I have been nourishing my soul with Brazilian roots, mantras, kirtan, ragas, sufi music, baul poetry, gregorian chant, shamanic hymns, all sorts of ancestral music I felt could bring to me such pure energy that connects us beyond... My music has been created through deep and accurate research into musical language in order to recreate Brazilian Popular Music making a fusion with ancient music from all places and times. How can we transcend the human condition into a new consciousness? We can pray in all existing languages and receive everybody with open arms: in Brazil it is easy to talk to the spirits.

My ethno fusion is a spiritual carnival: from Minas Gerais - my mother´s land – I bring the Drums and the Christian Chanting rooted on the colonial times; the trance comes from Afro-Brazilian rituals and sacred hymns of Ayahuasca ceremonies; New Age atmospheres are created by Indian Ragas and Arabic Maqans to write my songs; the Bossa-Nova inspires my guitar and my harmonies open to improvisation with jazzy influences. Sambas, Cirandas, Toadas, Xotes, Maracatus, all genres adding different colors and flavors to spread the Brazilian mood worldwide. My arrangements mix sonorities you have never heard before, allowing your imagination to wander freely while my voice is surrounded by Brazilian Cavaquinho, Guitar from Minas Gerais, Sitar from India, Persian Santur, Ethnic Flutes such as the Ney and the Bansuri, Tampuras, and all kinds of Eastern and Middle Eastern drums  - including Tablas, Derbaque, Daf and Pakawaj - creating new rhythms side by side with Latin and Afro-Brazilian lines - such as Atabaques, Congas, Tamborines, etc…Every song is an invitation to open your heart and try, for the first time, something absolutely new: what do you think about listening to Tibetan Bowls with my Bossa-Nova Guitar? Bombo-Lenguero from Argentina with Turkish Ney? Indian Sitar with Berimbau and Pandeiro? My music is a dream that wants to make you dream come true.

My first album “Bossa Nova Delhi” was worldwide acclaimed by the special “Gardens of Eden – Putumayo” followed by “Mantra 1” and “Mantra 2” by the lables MCD, AZULMUSIC, TRATORE and LUAMUSIC; and many international compilations such as “Sahara Lounge” (EMI-Portugal), “Buddha Lounge”; “Coleção Caras Zen”, amongst others. For the last 20 years, I have been singing and teaching mindfullness techniques such as Belly Dance, Hatha Yoga, Mantras and Sufi trances on Holistic Teacher Training programs and seminars in the most significant events of Culture of Peace, Holistic and Health Programs, Retreats and Seminars in Brazil, and soundtracks performed in TV Shows, Series and Soap Operas.

I grew up surrounded by music and dance and since childhood I have been involved in the arts: my father is a renowned traditional popular dancer and teacher, "Velho Pietro", under whose inspiration I studied music with great Brazilian names like Maestro Benedito Costa, Papete, Trio Mocotó, Muri Costa, Carioca, among others. For several years I worked teaching and performing Latin Dances with my father, and all these experiences make my music popular, eclectic, espontaneous, focused on ordinary people and daily situations, flowing like a Ballroom dance – a bit mystical, I supose... dances from heaven!

I invite you to follow my updated vídeos on TV Simonka.

CV Ana Rita Simonka

Graduated in Biology / Universidade de São Paulo

Master Degree in Arts / Universidade de São Paulo

Master Degree in Yoga / FMU (Kayvalyadhama – India)

Indian Classical Dance / Cia Madhavi Mudgal / Aurangabad, India

Belly Dance / Serena and Hossam Ramzy / London

Tango and Latin Dances / Prof. Pietro / São Paulo, Brazil

Classical Indian Vocal/ Ratnabali Adhikary / India

Sufi Meditation / Master Adnan Sarhan, Sufi Foundation of America, NM, USA

Professional Qualification in Brazil: dancer (DRT), musician (OMB), Label Manager (ISRC).